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Hanging Lights


Hanging lights are great for use in outdoor places like under trees, over a patio or deck seating or table area, above a BBQ or any other place you want lighted from above. These are low voltage 12 volt fixtures and require a transformer to operate, or can be connected to an existing landscape lighting system or transformer. Most Hanging Lights are now available with optional LED.

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Hanging Lights
This type of lighting is designed for hanging above areas where light is needed, like over an outdoor patio table or above a BBQ or outdoor food preparation counters. Most fixtures are supplied with chain or cable and are pre-wired at the factory for ease of installation. Check the product details of a particular fixture to determine what type and length of hanging cable or chain is supplied with that fixture.

The pre-wired fixtures are easy to install, instructions are usually included with the fixtures or are available on our website. If you need help selecting the proper fixture for you situation, or have questions about a specific fixture, out customer support representatives are available to help. We also have technical support help available should you have any questions or during the process of installing your hanging lights.

Many of the hanging lights are nice looking brass, copper or faux finished fixtures, and some are available in styles that match path lights, area lights, and spot or flood lights. Like all landscape lighting, hanging lights require a transformer to operate. Many fixtures can be installed on a single transformer. The transformer simply plugs into a standard house electrical outlet and converts the 120 volt electrical service to a safe 12 volt, or low voltage current. Due to the use of this low voltage current, wiring for hanging lights does not require the use of expensive metal conduit. The wire can be run behind or above deck rails or routed through trees or other shrubs. No permits are required to run low voltage fixtures and the services of a licensed contractor are not necessary. Most installations of hanging lighting fixtures can be completed by a homeowner or handyman with simple hand tools and minimal skills.

Hanging lights can also be wired into an existing landscape lighting system or added to a planned system. They are also available with LED bulb options allowing you to use less energy to operate, and smaller transformers. Some hanging fixtures are available with glass globes in various colors and finishes, which adds a new dimension of beautiful light to your patio or deck area.

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