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LED Garden Lights

These are just a few of our popular LED Garden Lights, to look at our complete selection browse the categories to the left. We have a full selection of LED Garden Lighting available to add beauty to your home.
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Advantage Well Light, ABS Housing, PAR36 Lamp or LED (not included), 50 Watt Max

Our Price  :  $34.98
Sale Price  :  $24.99
Advantage "Big Smoky" Up Light, Brass, MR-16 Lamp, 50 Watt Max

Our Price  :  $75.99
Sale Price  :  $68.99

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LED Garden Lighting
By far the most popular choice for adding light to your outdoor deck, yards, gardens, pathways and driveways is to use LED Garden Lighting. Also known as low voltage LED lighting, this is an easy and inexpensive choice for several reasons.

First is economy, LED garden lighting systems are inexpensive to install and operate. The lower wattage used in LED fixtures allows you to use smaller, less costly transformers. The energy usage of LED garden lighting is up to 80% lower than conventional halogen lighting, so your electric bill will be lower. Next is ease of installation, LED garden lights do not require expensive building permits or hiring of a licensed contractor. Most typical homeowners, or a low cost handyman, can easily install an LED garden lighting system. And finally, the many choices of materials and finishes available make it easy to find something that compliments your home.

LED garden lighting fixtures are available in Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Plastic, Stainless Steel and Fiberglass. The wide range of fixture prices insures that you can find a fixture that fits any budget. To help with installing your LED garden lighting, most fixtures come with simple to follow installation instructions, or you can find installation instructions on our website. Our experts are also available to assist you with any questions you may have about choosing the fixtures, transformer, wire and connectors, or about your installation. Water features such as ponds, streams, waterfalls and fountains can also use LED garden lighting to make them stand out at night. Why let that waterfall or fountain that you spend so much time and money on sit in darkness? With the proper use of LED garden lighting you can turn your water feature into a thing of beauty after dark. Spot or flood lights can light up the water, or place underwater LED garden lights directly under the flow of water for a beautiful lighting effect. Ponds can be lighted from deep underwater for a subtle effect or close to the surface to make the whole pond glow. Most underwater LED garden lighting fixtures come with at least 25 foot long wire leads already installed by the factory, making them simple to position and connect.

The transformers used for LED garden lights are completely weather resistant and can be installed outside. They plug into a normal household outlet so no electrical wiring is required. The fixtures connect to the transformer using simple 2 conductor wire that does not require conduit or junction boxes, and can easily be concealed for a clean looking installation. Running the wires to the LED garden lighting fixtures is as simple as hooking up speakers to a stereo system. Wire used for LED garden lighting can be buried, run beneath shrubs or ground cover, or even concealed under decks or porches. All spot lights, flood lights, path and area lights used in LED garden lighting systems come with a heavy duty ground stake so they can be positioned in gardens, lawns, or planters. For installation on concrete or wooden decks, surface mounting plates are also available. The versatility of LED garden lights allows you to find just the right way to illuminate any outdoor area of your home, yard, driveway, deck, or water feature. Decks can also be easily illuminated using a wide selection of LED garden lighting fixtures designed specifically for patios, decks, porches and steps. For further assistance our experts are available any time to provide you with advice or answer your questions. Our website has many articles and instructions to help you easily design and install your low voltage LED garden lighting system.

LED Garden Lights
Inground well lights are the most unobtrusive of our 12 volt lighting options. Well lights are exactly what they sound like, lighting fixtures that are recessed into the ground so that they are flush with the ground, and only light will emerge. There will be no evidence of any lighting fixtures, as is the case with nearly all other types of outdoor lighting.

Like all 12 volt systems, well lights do not require permits, contractors, or any costly installation systems. Installing inground well lighting is quite simple. All that is required are small trenches for the cabling/wiring systems, and holes deep enough for the inground well lighting fixtures to fit snugly into. Easy to follow installation instructions are included with most well light fixtures that we sell. Well lighting, just like all other outdoor lighting, offers a wide array of options as far as lighting color and illumination. Well lighting bulbs can be found ranging from 20 watt bulbs to 75 watt bulbs. Another increasingly popular option is LED well lighting. LED well lighting combines the energy efficiency of an LED system with the comfort and simplicity of an inground well lighting system.

However, one concideration of using LED bulbs for inground well lights will be the muted illumination. Because the well lights are entrenched in the ground they will already be at a disadvantage as far as illuminating the area. Combine that with the lower light output that the LED bulbs produce will only further that. It is important to note here that the strength of illumination is only a disadvantage if that is something that negatively affects your perception as a homeowner.

If you are in favor of a more muted area of illumination, then combining inground well lights with LED bulbs may suit you. LED bulbs can be selected that put out the same amount of light as halogen bulbs, while drawing much less wattage. Well lights can work quite well when combined with spot, or narrow focused, beams. They will provide strong illumination of a small area, such as the length of a tree or a wall. If this suits your needs, perhaps this is something worth looking into. One of the main advantages of a well light comes from its unique construction. The well light is actually suspended inside a shell, or outer housing. This shell forms a well, thus the name well lighting. Because the bulb is suspended in this shell, it allows for more efficient heat dissipation and the entire assembly will run at a cooler temperature. On the downside, the hollow shell is also more susceptible to allowing water or moisture into the fixture. This may require the homeowner to provide better drainage and a little extra care when installing the well lighting fixtures. Knowing this, it is recommended that the homeowner consider carefully the locations of well lighting fixtures. Try to put them in locations that will have adequate drainage and prevent small pebbles or debris from entering the fixture which may adversely affect the well housing. Also, placing gravel in the bottom of the well light fixture hole will allow water to drain away more efficiently. Placement is also important when considering whether people will be walking on top of the well lighting fixtures. If this will be the case, it is important to know that the temperature of some fixture lens’ can at times get hot enough to burn skin. Simply take note of this when doing research on which fixtures will be best for your well lighting needs.

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