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Landscape LED Lights


These are just a few of our more popular LED Landscape Lights and the ones we most often recommend to people that are planning a new Landscape Lights installation. Choose one of the categories on the left to see our full line of 12 volt landscape lights. LED Landscape Lights are simple to install and inexpensive to operate. NOTE: Almost every fixture that we sell is now available with LED as an option, be sure to click on the fixtures picture or title to be taken to the detail page; then use the pull down menu for lamps to see the added cost of the LED. Our customer service tech support advisors are available to assist you by calling 877-777-8421.

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Advantage Well Light, ABS Housing, PAR36 Lamp or LED (not included), 50 Watt Max

Our Price  :  $34.98
Sale Price  :  $24.99
Vista Aluminum 5 Watt LED Light, 4 inch Deep, Made in USA

Our Price  :  $202.21
Sale Price  :  $179.95
Vista Aluminum 10 Watt LED Light, 4 inch Deep, Made in USA

Our Price  :  $237.93
Sale Price  :  $199.95
Vista Aluminum 17 Watt LED Light, 4 inch Deep, Made in USA

Our Price  :  $311.93
Sale Price  :  $279.95

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LED Landscape Lighting

One of the most popular choices for adding lights to your outdoor deck, yards, gardens, pathways and driveways is to use LED Landscape Lights. Known as 12 volt low voltage LED lights, this is an easy and economical option for several reasons. First is economy, LED landscape lights are economical to install and to operate. The low wattage used in most LED lights allows you to use smaller, less expensive transformers. The electrical usage of LED landscape lights is as much as 80% lower than when using conventional halogen lights, so your electric bill will be lower.

Next is ease of installation, LED landscape lighting does not require expensive building permits or the hiring of a licensed contractor. Many typical homeowners, or an inexpensive handyman, can easily install LED landscape lights. And finally, the extensive choice of materials and finishes available make it easy to find fixtures that compliments your home. LED landscape lights use fixtures that are available in Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Plastic, Stainless Steel and even Fiberglass. A wide range of fixture prices makes it easy to find a fixture that fits your budget.

Water features such as ponds, streams, waterfalls and fountains can also use LED landscape lights to improve their appearance and usefulness at night. Don’t let your waterfall or fountain that you spent so much time and money on sit unused in the darkness. The proper use of LED landscape lights can turn your water feature into a thing of beauty after dark. Spot and flood lights can be used to light up the water, or place underwater LED landscape lights directly in the flow of water for a stunning lighting effect. Ponds can be lit from deep underwater for a subtle, eerie effect or use fixtures close to the surface to make the whole pond glow. Underwater LED landscape lights come with at least 25 foot long wire leads already installed by the factory, making them simple to connect to the transformer, and easy to position in the pond. To help complete the installation of your LED landscape lights, most fixtures come with simple to follow installation instruction sheets, or you can find the installation instructions on our website. Our experts are also available to assist you with any questions you may have, and to help you when choosing the fixtures, transformer, wire and connectors. Transformers used for LED landscape lighting systems are completely weather resistant and can be installed outside. Their housings are waterproof and they plug into a regular household outlet so electrical wiring is not required. The fixtures then connect to the transformer using a simple 2 conductor wire that does not require electrical conduit or junction boxes, making a clean installation. Running the wires to the LED landscape lighting fixtures is as easy as connecting speakers to a stereo system. The wire used for LED landscape lights can be buried, run beneath shrubbery, bushes, or ground cover, and even concealed under decks or porches. The spot lights, flood lights, path and area lights used in LED landscape lighting systems include a heavy duty ground stake so that they can be placed in gardens, lawns, and planters. To install them on concrete or wooden decks, surface mounting plates are also available. The large selection of LED landscape lights makes it easy to find just the right way to illuminate any outdoor area of your home , yard, driveway, deck, or water feature. If you need further assistance, our experts are available to answer your questions. Our website has articles and instructions to help you easily design and install your 12 volt low voltage LED landscape lights.

One of the most important things to note when discussing LED landscape lighting is determining its usefulness compared to its alternatives. This is always the case when discussing things that will affect the value and use of your home. Let’s begin by discussing what LED actually is. LED stands for light-emitting-diode. LED landscape lights are known for their extremely economic usage of power. Your typical bulb is a normal white or warm white halogen bulb. These halogen bulbs emit light for about 4,000 hours. Your typical LED light will emit light for about 40,000 hours! That’s a tenfold increase in hours of usage for LED bulbs over halogen bulbs.

In addition, LED bulbs are as much as 80% more energy efficient then halogen bulbs. These statistics are just the beginning of why LED landscape lighting is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s outline some further benefits of LED landscape lighting. Because of its energy efficiency, LED lighting can be considered in support of green technology. In addition, its 10x lifespan will make it so that you do not need to change your bulbs every year or two, but rather every 7-10 years. Think about the cost savings here! Your energy bill won’t be the only thing to drop.

LED landscape lights lower wattage also gives homeowners the option to purchase smaller, less costly transformers. Obviously it follows that the higher the voltage and wattage of your lighting system, the more expensive the transformer will be. Because of the characteristics discussed above, transformers for and LED landscape lighting systems will be less expensive as well as less obtrusive.

Finally, if you have read our article on our website outlining "voltage drop”, you know that this can sometimes be an issue with 12 volt landscape lighting systems. Fortunately, because of LED landscape lights lower wattage draw, voltage drop becomes less of a problem. Cables and wires can be thinner, and easier to install, making planning, design and installation of your landscape lighting system easier. The above qualities do make a great case for utilizing LED lighting to illuminate ones yard or porch. For the remainder of this guide, let’s go over some other facts one should know when purchasing and designing an LED landscape lighting system. To begin with, yes, LED bulbs are quite a bit more energy and cost efficient. However, the actual amount of illumination one will get from an LED bulb is lower than your typical halogen bulb of the same wattage. For example, a 3 watt LED bulb puts out close to 300 lumens (measure of light), while a 35 watt halogen bulb will put out nearly 2100 lumens. This means in order to get 2100 lumens, or an equivalent amount of illumination from LED bulbs, one will need seven 3 watt LED bulbs to equal one 35 watt halogen bulb. This is important to note simply so that you can begin the design of your LED lighting system with this comparison in mind. LED lights can come with higher lumen bulbs; however there is a small trade off. Higher wattage LED bulbs will have a different shade (color) of light emitted. The higher the wattage, the more white and artificial the light illuminated will appear. This type of artificial looking light may be undesirable for your landscaping needs, and you may want to simply substitute the higher lumen bulbs for the lower. Please continue to read the available guides on our site for more information on how to best choose, plan, and design your landscape lighting system.

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