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LED Rope Lights


Our High Quality 12 volt LED Rope Lighting is available by the roll or by the foot. You must buy it in lengths that are divisible by 3 foot increments as the rope can only be cut in specific points along it's length that are 3 ft apart. For example, you can have a 9 or 12 foot length but not a 10 foot length. (10 is not divisible by 3). ALL PRICES ARE PER FOOT.

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LED Rope Light, Outdoor Rope Lights
Outdoor rope lights offer a homeowner a greater degree of creativity than the more common landscape lighting options on the market. Rope lights come in a variety of colors and are far more malleable and flexible than using landscape lighting fixtures. Their construction allows for durability and strength, making them a great outdoor option, as well as indoor. Generally, rope lights will be constructed in such a way so that the lights are spaced an inch or so apart, and the whole string will be covered in a strong plastic tubing. As such, a homeowner can introduce designs that are impossible when using static fixtures that only emit light in the yellow and white ranges of light.

Outdoor rope lights function in two ways, either a string of incandescent bulbs, or a string of light emitting diodes, or LEDs. LED rope lights, as we mention frequently here at 12vol, will be the more energy efficient option of the two without limiting the range of colors or brightness available when using rope lights. Rope lights form fitting nature is what really makes them unique. Their flexibility enables easy installation in just about any location. Common applications that highlight these attributes would be accent lighting along pathways or railings. Using outdoor rope lights as accent lights for a pathway or railing can provide a degree of safety along with asceticism that is uncommon when using bulky fixtures. And because the rope lights can offer the whole color spectrum, it can introduce some really unique looks to your landscape, patio, or outdoor pathways.

Using LED rope lights, one can turn ones outdoor patio into a club or bar setting, or even create a theater atmosphere. Simply play around with the location and coloring of the LED rope lights to provide the atmosphere that suits you and your home. The best example of this type of use for outdoor rope lighting would be christmas/holiday decorations. It is not uncommon to see beautiful designs made from these ropes. But what is most apparent is simply the highlighting, or accenting available using rope lights. So how does one choose the proper rope lighting for a patio, path, or deck? We can help you here (simply read our online guides or call our customer support number), or do some research around the web for rope lighting common practices. The two most important factors when choosing rope lighting are the wire count, and the length of the rope. Wire count will influence operation of the lights along the rope. With a 2 wire rope, we will see all the lights operate at the same time, dimming, brightening, or flashing together. 3-5 wire ropes will allow the lights to work individually, creating a series of unique effects. However, to create these effects, an external controller will be required. Determining the required length of ones outdoor rope lights is as simple as using a tape measure. Just measure, write the specifications down, and then when shopping for ones rope lighting, simply buy according to the dimensions required. The only other thing to consider here is the thickness of the plastic tubing. This plastic tubing is the buffer that will keep the bulbs inside from breaking, as well as keep heat exhaust from burning anyone who touches the rope. Just remember, plastic tubing that is thicker will allow a lower degree of flexibility than thinner, less protective tubing. For more information, check out our guides, read more on the web, or give our customer support service a call. Otherwise, have fun being creative with your landscape rope lighting.

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