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MR11 Bulbs

12 Volt Bulbs & LEDs  >  MR11 Bulbs

MR11 bulbs measure approximately 1 3/8 inches in diameter and have bi pin mounting. MR 11 bulbs come in various wattages and beam spreads, the higher the wattage the brighter the light output. Beam spread is measured in degrees, a large number like 60° would be a flood light, and a small number like 10° would be considered a spot light. MR11 Light Bulbs are used for compact landscape lighting fixtures. MR11 Bulbs measure 1 5/8 inches in diameter, so if you are looking for replacement bulbs make sure your old bulbs are that size. If they are larger but look like MR11 bulbs then they are most likely MR16 bulbs, which are found in our MR16 bulb categories. They also come in a wide selection of wattages and beam spreads. MR 11 Bulbs are available in wattages from 10 watts to 35 watts, and in beam spreads from 10° to 30°. If you really want to get technical you can study our Photometrics Guide found in the Resources section of our website. This guide will show the spread of light any distance from the fixture and is handy for figuring out just which bulb you need for your specific site conditions.

LED retrofit versions of MR11 bulbs are available in different color temperatures. While more expensive than conventional halogen bulbs, LED MR 11 light bulbs are much more energy efficient and put out more light per watt. The typical 3 watt LED MR11 bulb emits as much light as a 20-25 watt halogen bulb. This saves you money in energy usage, and allows you to use smaller and less costly transformers for your landscape lighting system. If you want to add more fixtures to an existing landscape lighting system but are near the maximum load on your transformer, then converting some or all of your fixtures to LED will allow you to easily add more lights.

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